Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Pretty sure that's not a word, but it does come to mind when I look at the park from my back deck. Here's a close-up.
The two big trees in the park (above) are starting to flower, and the three in my next-door neighbours' gardens are still bare. It will all be something to see in a week or two — afternoon tea, anyone?
On the weekend, my best friend Dace saw the start of the jacaranda blooms and immediately said: "Must be TEE time."
Poor school kids, having to sweat through all that pressure when outdoors everything is spring at its most beautiful.
Pretty warm here this week — we had 31C (87.8F) yesterday and they're talking about 34 (93.2F) today. Windy, too.
Well, that's exciting stuff — talking about the weather.
Here's a not-very-inspiring shot of my brand-new vegie patch, just after planting.

I know it all looks a bit pathetic, but I'm pleased to report that everything is standing up firm and happy this morning. Tomatoes (heirloom, ordinary and cherries), capsicum, parsley, basil and two kinds of lettuce.
I'm putting in melons and pumpkins in a big space out the back, with little Lebanese cucumbers as well.
Paper-cutting later, work this arvo.


Anonymous said...

Jacarandas always mean university exam time to me. Ashy starts exams this week...

victoria said...

Yes! I see large amounts of vegies coming from that garden. Jacarandas are wonderous.