Wednesday, 18 November 2009

What a treat
While Adelaide and Melbourne have been sweltering with record periods of very hot weather and bushfire warnings, we are having mild, cloudy days and, right now, a torrential downpour.
This is the view from my kitchen/family room door.
Delicious rain. Bring it on. Let's hope we get lots more. And that summer stays away for as long as possible.
:: Oooh — I forgot to tell you about what happened while we were at Eagle bay on the weekend. First night there, I fell asleep only to be woken when some silly muddle-headed moth flew into the side of my head and then started flapping about my ear.
I woke up with a start and swiped at it (and my head), and the wretched thing went ... right ... in. All the way into my ear, burrowing, with wings buzzing and flapping.
I called out to wake David, yelling at him to get some tweezers out of the first aid box so I could yank the moth out.
He came back to the bed giggling and offering me not tweezers but a digital thermometer.
"What am I supposed to do with that?" Flutter, whirrrrr, deeper and deeper.
"Can't you use it to dig it out?"
Silence from me. More flapping and fluttering.
Then Dace comes in and she and David proceed to chuckle some more, while Dace tells me to shine the bedside light in my ear. Presumably so the poor little moth will do a U-turn in my ear's inner-passage and fly towards the light. Hmmm.
"Okay, well lie down and hit the other side of your head!"
Like the moth will just drop out.
The fluttering and whirring are now so deep inside my ear, and so loud, that the moth must be up against my ear drum. Or my brain.
I'm squealing, Dace and David are still giggling.
"Oil. Get the olive oil!"
Dace pours a good half-litre of extra-virgin in my ear and there's a glug-glug-glug noise on top of the moth's panicky flapping and buzzing.
Then silence.
Uh-oh. Now I have a drowned moth in my ear.
"Quick!" laughs Dace, tip your head over and the moth will pour out with the oil!"
No. The oil came out all alone.
Five days later and the dead moth is still in there.

until by now the poor little exha m


Laura Jane said...

Oh Crikey!!!! How alarming! (but just a bit funny too...sorry)

Hope the doc can get it out.

Natalie said...

I am too empathetic... this story is going to flutter in my ear until I get your update... please tell us as soon as you get relief.

Fairlie said...

The Poolboy had to circle Perth airport for 45 mins while you were enjoying that torrential view!

My brother once got a black beetle in his ear down at Dunsborough. I recall it was extremely painful, and had to be syringed out. I hope your olive-oil infused moth is extricated swiftly.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the moth episode, that was a lucky escape from drama. LOVE the misted Jacaranda in the balcony picture and wasn't that rain divine.