Thursday, 5 November 2009

Nick's dad and step-mum, Scott and Jenice, arrive early December and we are trying, via skype conversations, to persuade them that they do not need to go to see the Pinnacles (below).
Whoever works for WA Tourism and has had the Pinnacles to promote has done a cracking job, second only to whoever has promoted Wave Rock (below).
Hundreds of overseas visitors planning their trips must read fascinating, flowing, glowing praise of the Pinnacles and decide they simply have to go there.
So the poor things head off through the sandy wastes north of Perth, full of happy anticipation, only to be confronted by the world's most boring and desolate tourist spectacle.
And when you think that this is what Nick's dad does for a living (that's him on the right in the orange, 50m up a giant redwood) ...

... wouldn't you try to save him?


peppermintpatcher said...

They look rather like termite mounds with people standing close to them. I had no idea they were so short. They seem far more imposting in other photos.

Laura Jane said...

I see your point.

Wanna play tomorrow?

Jennifer said...

Nothing better than having some local to save you from tourist calamities! Hope you are well; I've been thinking of you lately and realizing I need to keep in better touch.

Scott Baker said...

We like all the advice from the locals....but have to see for ourselves...however we are easily redirected to more spectacular spots. I do so want to climb a giant Karri tree any advice about that objective? Also you must remember that coming form Seattle the heat will be a tourist attraction...we have practiced in the Grand Canyon so expect to enjopy hiking in the relatively flat terrain hot as blazes but new to us!