Friday, 27 November 2009

Turkey goodness
What a feast we had — these are our two Americans: Lily's partner, the gorgeous Nick, on the left, and the gorgeous Jesse, a really good mate of Will's from San Diego who is staying with us for a few weeks.
We all made surprisingly short work of a seven-kilo turkey, but I'm happy to say there are some leftovers, with gravy and cranberry sauce, for today.
Nick and Lily grilled the corn on the barbie, with delicious results, and Jesse was a great fan of our roast potatoes, which he'd never had before. It seems his family either bake potatoes whole or have them mashed. So he's asked me to demonstrate how to do roasties so he can show the folks back home.
After all the thrills yesterday, I didn't wake up until nine o'clock this morning, when my best friend Caroline rang to find out why I hadn't turned up at her house for our planned walk! Nine o'clock! Shocking!
The house is so clean and tidy this morning — there is nothing at all on the big table, and the kitchen is spotless. Everything's just waiting for me to spread out and make a brand-new mess ...


Anonymous said...

Oh That does sound very wonderful. Glad to hear your Thanksgiving went well and the roasties were a great hit.

Fairlie said...

Did you make your own cranberry sauce? I was amazed in the US to discover you could buy fresh cranberries...I'm not quite sure how I thought they became sauce if they weren't fresh as some point, but I'd never actually seen them before!

A sleep-in till nine o'clock? Now that is something to be thankful for!